Soul Whispers: Pages of my life

I have been thinking of doing a blog for awhile but didn’t know where to start. To be honest I am still not sure of what I am doing but am going to give it a try.  I am starting with the following as it presented itself, upon awakening yesterday, with the name of the blog

Soul Whispers ….Pages of My Life

Every page, in my notebooks, is an aspect of moments in my life.  Day to day, week to week, month to month, year to years.  I, therefore, am comfortable with the messiness or the order of any given writing.  The utter dichotomy of this or within this journey of my life is it..

Sometimes is of a feeling of lostness

Sometimes utterly childish and giddy

Sometimes joyful

Sometimes sad and heartbroken

Sometimes  complacent

Sometimes utterly profound in a simple way

I am a Soul-Journer traversing the gap between heaven and earth. I am finding my way home not through mental gymnastics but through the love and grace of heart.

I, in silence, am becoming a part of the vastness of all that is.

I, at times, move beyond ego and personality and yet, through silence, I retain the spark of what they are.

I am of the great I Am.


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