Soul Whispers Are…

Soul Whispers are a journey of transformation.

I from early on would pray and then wait for the answer to come as some God like “gong” from heaven. When it didn’t come that way I thought God didn’t hear me. For instance, God sometimes says ‘no’. What I have learned, through my life journey, is we utter prayers but we often don’t take the time to really listen. Too much mind chatter.

Soul Whispers have been my companion these many years and they come to me usually upon awakening before the happenings of the day take over and my ego takes the helm. I write as the words flow and often have to look up meanings of bigger words. I am not a scholar of literature or grammar. To my surprise, the words fit. I am being taught along the way.

Soul Whispers are divinely inspired from what I call “my inner counselor”. They are healing. I can be totally lost, confused, frustrated, angry, despairing, or doing the poor me thing as a writing begins but by the end I can be filled with peace and gratitude.

My husband died going on almost three years ago. Many say ‘get over it and move on’. They don’t understand. Number one, I will never get over (it) him nor do I want to. I don’t wallow in grief. My soul is expanded with new and deeper meaning each day. I miss his physical presence. I rejoice that he is no longer suffering. I rejoice in knowing love never dies as I hear his voice waft on the breath of God through the silent sanctuary of my sacred heart.

God, through whispers, has inspired me. Jesus has carried me, nudged me, healed me, and most of all loved me on this Journey of Joy transforming my heart. How could I not share?

As Wayne Dyer says in his book, “I Can See Clearly Now, I see more and more clearly every day and I am thankful.


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