Dear Bob 2: Soul Blossom

Soul Blossom

Soul Blossom

Dear Bob,

As I release you from the tendrils of my needs I feel you sigh. I just realized it is as though our needs keep us tethered. By letting go all the walls begin to crumble. It is our need that stiffens the veil between here and there. The pent up energies free flow as we let go. By letting go, we not only release our loved ones, but also we release ourselves.

I don’t want to live life backwards. When I let go I feel your presence. When I hold on I feel a kind of nothingness, like I can’t breathe. I want to live a full, healthy, life. A life that honors the us that we were.

I don’t want to be a widow one or two years down the road who lives a stunted life of what has been. I want to honor us by living an empowered life while not missing the present.

I can hear your voice wafting through my heart as soul whispers. I hear you saying:

“You are getting there. I would do it for you if I could but it wouldn’t be a quickening, life experience for you. It would be shallow and on the periphery. You have been praying for just this answer.

You know, in your deepest heart, when you hear or experience God’s truth.

You know, in your deepest heart, that the oneness we were still is even more so because I now know what I forgot to remember or what I stuffed down behind my ego façade.

The journey of life, on earth, is not about our physical prowess but rather the opening of our heart to honor the God of our creation and ourselves.

You can allow yourself to miss my physical presence so as to make peace with the fact that it is no more but I am. I am of the I Am of our creation as are you. Did you get that? We humans are of one spirit born of God into many containers
so as to experience and express that spirit in the world….and my Tammy Lou, I know what love is. It is the essence of life. It is all encompassing. It is of the God we run from when our egos run the show.

I feel your love, like a fresh rain, even more so as you let go. Never be afraid of what is beyond the veil. Just be still and it will be revealed.”

Thank you, Bob, for this soul touch and I thank Christ for helping us bridge the gap. It is like experiencing a beautiful sunrise within. I am so thankful for you, for life….and my dear Bob, through soul touches I know that love never dies.



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