Dear Bob: Where Joy and Sorrow Collide

Blog Joy is sorrow unmasied

My dear, beloved, Bob,

Who prepares us for the day of earthly separation?

Who prepares us for what follows?

Those who have lost a spouse can tell us about their experience but as I trek on the “Widow’s Walk” I realize each is unique.

There is a grace period where all are united, in the moment, but life goes on. As a spouse, everything is changed. Our earthly companionship ended. I loved your presence through the highs and the lows. I miss your strength and your down to earth wisdom. You grounded me. We complimented each other through our differences. We were passionate towards one another and we weren’t afraid to stand in our power in the midst of those differences. We yelled and we found common ground. We came to a truth in those moments. Love endures all things and gives us wings to fly.

I continue to learn from us. My healing, in these moments, is an inner journey. Where else could I possibly find it? I want to feel it, touch it, and reconcile it so as to move forward. My journey is quiet and peaceful. My journey is a continuance of our life as we lived it, a life that we gave thanks for. I love to be still and listen. I love knowing our hearts are joined in this phase. You held me in life as you hold me now. You gifted me as a mirror for my own soul.

Right now heaven feels like it is in and of my heart where my spirit is totally in union with all. No separation. My spirit is housed in flesh but it is so much more than that. It is in that heaven where truth abides.

Truth, that is rooted in God.

Truth, that resurrects our spirits beyond skin and bone while residing in skin and bone.

Truth, that helps us to rise beyond ego or self-serving desires.

Truth, that allows for agape in action. God’s gift to me, and thee, and we is the freedom to be.

Truth, that helps to break through the layers of illusions and beliefs to the core of real. The light of which we are a part of on either side of the veil.

Part of this journey feels like moving on from interpreting thoughts about life to being the embodiment of truth as it reveals itself for when joy and sorrow collide in heaven’s light God’s truth shines the eternal union of us.

I love you, Bob, here, there, and everywhere. I am thankful for the gift that keeps on giving between us.



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