Dear Bob: Our Strengths Intertwined


Dear Bob,

I miss you. I miss seeing you at your desk or in your recliner. I miss rubbing your back and putting lotion on your feet. I miss everything about you. I miss hearing your voice and your laughter. I miss our growing pains, our resolve. I miss our teamwork. I love that you enjoyed having me with you. We traveled allot of miles together. We both were in process of mending our brokenness. Our differences made us stronger as we worked through them. You were so smart and so strong physically. I was strong in a different way maybe, in part, because of my faith. Through the years as our strengths intertwined we were able to climb the mountainous challenges that lay before us. Our undergirding was a deep and abiding love. It was not our outer strengths that carried the day but rather that of our souls. I am so thankful and honored that we became the ‘us’ that endured.

As I finished the last word of the above sentence, I closed my eyes. I felt your presence as if I was curled up in your arms safe and protected. I heard your voice waft through soul whispers.

My dear Tammy Lou, just relax and be in this moment. Did you know when ego dissolves we experience deep love from our souls and are receiving a glimpse of heaven on earth? In those moments we see as God sees. We see the totality of His creation interconnected. All that ego clamoring is but a smokescreen. Through that, we miss so much of the true gift of our earth walk. We argue. We fight. We do violence in thought and deed. We puff up from arrogance with the thought of being better than. We often mess things up from our self-absorbed ways. When our spirit flies free we are released from such bondage. In heaven, there is no race or ethnicity. There is no religion or politics. There is no hate or segregation in God, through God, of God, or from God.

I now see, I now know, the purity of truth. We, humans, have hung and still hang Christ on the cross daily and the irony is we often do so in His name. The truth is the wondrous gift of life is about how to live in harmony, to be present to and with one another. When we are stripped of ego, God’s truth lives. It is that simple and we don’t have die to figure it out. God is the breath within our every moment whether we acknowledge it or not.

Thank you, God, for soul whispers. I am thankful for the voice of my beloved wafting through those whispers. I am thankful for knowing we are eternally intertwined and that love never dies. Amazing Grace!


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