Deep Weep and Holy Water

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A Shift

Something is happening.  A shift, of sorts, that has dropped me into deep weep and raised me up through holy tears.

Deep weep is a feeling of grieving for the somewhere between little girl lost and woman found.  It feels like a rite of passage from I to thou.

Holy tears spill over from the heart reservoir like a sweeping wave revealing the eternal me.  These tears of cleansing release me and we from the smallness of our human nature as we rise above the ‘mean ‘uglies’ of our growing pains.  We grieve our losses within and without.  We grieve that which reflects back to us our perceived mortality.

We ride the storm surge from deep weep into the light charged wave of holy tears.  Each tear, like a bloodletting, cleansing our soul.

Deep weep is a kind of gnashing and tearing at the bastion of our human illusions while holy tears wipe the slate clean.  Through the process, we are born anew into our created in God’s image self while tenderly holding our human experiences that brought us to this sacred moment.

Deep and wide, beyond boundaries, we are.  We are so profound.  We are mysteries answer wrapped in utter simplicity.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Relax.  Be still for in silence God speaks.


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