Whispers Are The Bridge

Blog  Bridge between heaven and earth

Dear Bob,

I wonder what you would say to me about the tough moments. The moments when reality strikes with a vengeance. Those moments when trying to adjust to doing all the things we used to do together, alone. We were blessed to have a partnership that held us through laughter and tears.

My Tammy Lou, I am forever with you. Slow down. Take a deep breath and be still.

I am of the eternal breath that moves throughout your being. When you are in silence I am sometimes part of what you hear through soul whispers. I have felt your strength and weaknesses in life and since I transitioned through the veil. As I have said before, do not weep for me. I am of joy and peace immersed in the light of such love beyond anything we experience on earth.

You and all whom I have loved are held and supported every second of every day. You cannot understand that if you hide in your head as the mind chatter taints your emotions.

The past weeks you have barely taken the time to be still and listen. To just breathe. It is like you are on the edge.

You are right, Bob. I gave into the feelings of being overwhelmed by the emptiness of the meaning of forever without you. It was like if one year feels like forever what does forever, forever feel like. There was a kind of gripping ache and tears and to top it off, after all this time, I didn’t want to be judged as weak or faithless. It was like being sucked into a bottomless whirlpool.

I know. I felt the power of its vortex. What you think and feel affects the whole on earth and beyond. How could you feel my presence? How could you let God help you when you barricaded yourself with illusions?

Just remember, my dear Tammy Lou, you are of the heart, the love of the great, I AM. I see it all so clearly now. I see that during our earth walk we take the light and power of God and try to reduce it into form.

I am grateful for the communion of each eternal moment we have shared on earth and those such as this. I know love never dies. Thank you for being here and there. I love you


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