Wilderness Pilgrimage

Blog  Faith-In-the-Wilderness

A Cry From the Wilderness

What is this about?
What is this tearing?
What is this feeling of total aloneness?
What is the wisdom to be gained?
What is this calling?
Why are we so far apart?
What is good?
What is bad?

I pray answers will be revealed.

What is the meaning of the spaces, the gaps, the fear, the tears, the aching?
The upside, downside, inside, out feeling, the cerebral kaleidoscope spinning.
Eyes closed. Tired, ever longing to hear You right here in the middle of it all.
I ask:
How to be in the moment when change happens.
How to let go in crisis when every fiber is screaming.
How to separate from drama and protect yourself from the cruelty of dark thoughts.
How to find your voice in the wilderness of despair and anxiety.
How to be okay with your frailties.
I received:

Remember doctors are not god even though some appear to think they are.
Ask questions. Educate yourself to know when to question the answers.
Start each day with God. Read the word. Read inspirational thoughts.
Pray. Talk to God. Say it. Say it. Say how you feel. Scream, shout, bow down to your knees, and shake your fists. Uplift all in gratitude. Laugh and be joyous. Be whatever, whoever, you are in the moment. God is your Father, your friend. He can take it and it is okay. You are forever held by unconditional love.

Equally, and as important, take the time to be still and listen. Move from your monkey mind into the sanctuary of your heart. You are not alone for the Holy of Holies abide there. In this place, you grow your wings. You soar the heavens held buoyant by the Holy Breath, the Holy Spirit, Christ, the All of God and even though you falter you forever have moments such as this to call upon.

Lonely but never alone.
Weak, yet strong.
Confident, yet humble.
Wounded, yet healed.
A burgeoning voice in the wilderness born of frailty, lost in detours, found, and then lost again with the hound of heaven forever in pursuit.

God makes himself known through word and deed, a loved one, a stranger, a friend, and through life experiences and then our free will choice kicks in.
The bottom line is the journey from here to there is personal.
No one can enter heaven for us.


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