Soul Whispers are the Lighthouse of the Soul

Lighthouse  for Blog 1

In order to move out of our own thinking and beyond ego spin we must take time to be still and listen. As we filter things through our mind they gather worldly vibrations such as conflicts, separations, and any and all dramas. There is a difference between our worldly filter and our spirit filter. Spirit is pure. It is the I Am of the great I Am. Through spirit we let it be what it is. True healing happens when we hold all in this light.

Our worldly filter is me oriented. It carries competition within it even when we don’t want it to and we, in spite of ourselves, react. Through our ego we try to own what is not ours to own. As we are pulled into the center of drama we are chewed up and spit out, so to speak, over and over again. We are left drained of our energy and are often angry, frustrated, spent and worn out while the author of darkness awaits our entrance into the next arena of conflagration, our next trial by fire.

As long as we are immersed in worldly dramas we will never know ourselves. Be still and listen.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

Enter the realm of pure ‘Isness’ where there are no lines of demarcation other than the power lines of energy communication. Like ley lines, on the earth, our power lines connect us directly to source.

What is real? What is not?

Do not catch the drama but rather catch the soul.

It is amazing how things of the world camouflage who we truly are. How we look such as by the color of our hair and eyes or whether we are tall or short, plain or beautiful identifies us. What we do or have identifies us as a workaholic, lazy, good or bad, or as being sociable or anti-social, selfish or altruistic, weak or strong and so on. We each have knowingly or unknowingly created a persona, our ID badge so to speak for worldly acceptance, based on what?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

I am strong. I am faithful. I giggle as I dance the rays of God’s heart so light and buoyant. In silence I enter a whole New World stripped of earthly woes where I am rejuvenated back to the truth of who we truly are. Divine first and human being second. In silence all struggles are released for they are illusions of our human mind.

What is the grid of all knowing? It is of super charged energy laced into and intertwining through synapses that carry the very essence of God. It is all the intelligence that is, ever was, or evermore shall be, given freely to and for His beloved creation. Enter the sacred wave. Be still and listen. “Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and you shall find”. It is that simple. When you reach for God He reaches back and makes you whole. It is our soul that needs gleaning so as to bring forth the fruits of the spirit. The grid of all knowing is beyond language yet we interpret what has been gleaned into language.

In silence, for me, it feels like I am touched by images and colors that are at first heart felt then filtered into my mind. For instance, red feels like pain or intensity. Tears feel clear. New understanding flashes a whitish-yellow like a lightening bolt. Birth is white, as is death. One is a release into human form from the ether. The other is release from human form back into the ether. Love is the rainbow, all-inclusive. Black is the antithesis of white and void of light.

In silence there is no drama and no conflict.

In silence there is no separation.

As we enter into the hallowed halls of the ‘All of Isness’, the grid of all knowing, we are enveloped in the very essence of God as all of our earthly illusions fade into a sea of forgetfulness. In that moment we are the hearts divine seed fully flowered. In that moment we remember the glory of heaven and are forevermore just simply a child of God. Be still and listen.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.




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