Renewal Through Grace, Love, Mercy, and Compassion


Surrender. I have written about it. It is time to go beyond words to be the embodiment of it for therein lays peace. I pray to be stronger in my faith and trust in God. I pray not to lend my voice, my energy to any aspect of darkness.

That was my prayer last night. When I awoke this morning the following words flowed onto paper. I was surprised as there has been a block which I now think was caused by emotionalism, frustration, confusion and even anger. I, on my own, did not know where to go with it but God does. Through prayer came a transition from ego chaos to peace. All things are possible with God.


We have been on a journey, him and me, and in the silence of a sacred moment I heard my soul cry out, “Thank You, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.” Even through all the pain, the losses, the laughter, and tears I have gained site of heaven on earth. The stone bastion I had erected around my heart, to protect it, was shattered. I in a flash moment met the truth of who I am as I touched the heart of God. I am created in his image, not of flesh and bone, but rather spirit of His spirit and I finally am awakening to knowing it.

I know he and I through this journey of illness and material loss in this world cracked the shell of all that seemed real only to find it a facade holding us captive. We are pulled this way and that way through the machinations of the frailties of man/woman. Our humanness gets stuck in need. We are plucked from the tree like ripe fruit following whichever way the tide flows. Falling, falling, further and further away from our hearts. We often come to a point believing our way is the only way, the truth and the life, and negate others as somehow unworthy so we set up boundaries.

Through the shattering a truth availed itself. God so loved the world he gave us Jesus that we might overcome our sin of separation not only from Him but also from one another.

He loves all of His children.

He weeps for all of His children
He welcomes the prodigal home with unconditional love and joy.

He does not judge by earthly standards.

He does not divide to conquer.

He does not rule as man does nor play with our freedoms.

He does not segregate us by color, religion, our political leanings, or by whether we are rich or poor. We are equal in His site for His abundance makes our earthly treasures look like tinsel yet we, for the tinsel, will do violence against one another to protect this facade. We somehow have fallen far enough to think that wealth has to do with what we accumulate.

As I stand back and watch the wealthiest amongst us take and take and buy those who have the power to make or break a nation, a people, my question is when is enough, ENOUGH?

When a person or a nation is reduced to serfdom, when their freedom, their hopes, their dreams are blasted to oblivion through greed and lust for power, God does not look kindly upon it.

When we judge one other person, God does not look kindly upon it.

When our religion, our beliefs, tear down one other person or a nation, rather than lifting them up, God does not look kindly upon it.

When being in the world is more important than not being of the world, God does not look kindly upon it.

When our judgments give us a sense of power and dominion, God does not look kindly upon it.

When man dictates that which is of morals rather than civil law, God does not look kindly upon it.

When ideologies, governments, or everyday citizens try to break another into submission, God does not look kindly upon it.

Judge not lest ye be judged. Matthew 7:1

So today I am in gratitude for the shattering of the bastion surrounding my heart. Through it all I have learned, from the depth of my being, that sometimes less is more in the sense that gratitude coupled with faith and trust has become a way of life. I have also learned about love, the kind of love that is earth shaking, unconditional, me for and with you from the soul of the heart. Along with humility I learned the true meaning of compassion and mercy.

I have re-learned that when we move away from the chaos of worldly things and move into the heart of God pure truth guides us as pure love cradles us.

Amazing Grace.

Be still and listen.


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