Swimming Our Heart Waves


Take Time

Why can a person be so open one day and so guarded the next?

Father, show me the best way to live in this world.

And the soul whispers said: Take time to rest in your heart. It is your lifeline to heaven. Slow down and relish the moment at hand. Stand on the precipice, like an Olympic swimmer, and dive in. Feel the cool lapping against your skin; the calm within the swirling of your self-made waves.

I am feeling the immersion in a different way. I am in the living waters of pure silence, yet amplified by the divine as it permeates every pore. Each a tympanic receptor of the sacred.

In this silence, we know what we could not know in any other way.

In this silence we are not a push me, pull you for here we ride a divine wave link.

In thisĀ silence, we understand meaning beyond words for the language of the heart knows no boundaries.

As we swim the heart wave we are consumed with joy for we have glimpsed eternal bliss and God in all.


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