Surrender is a Journey


I love this room, in this house, on this land. As I sit here, on the bed, looking toward the south my spirit expands to encompass all that I see. Close up I see splotches of grass peeking out from crusted snow while I imagine summer green like emeralds pleasing my soul. I lift my eyes further to gaze upon fences surrounding the riding arena. I see light poles, one with a speaker about a quarter of the way between earth and sky. I close my eyes and listen. I hear yesteryears sounds of rider and horse, a steer set loose, and ropes slicing through the air. I hear spectators cheering mixed with an aura of dust and sweat and brawn. I feel their imprint as I look upon the hallowed grounds of what once was.

I gaze further towards the horizon to see trees stripped bare, almost dead looking. There is a beauty even in that for one understands the healing and renewal that takes place during winter’s dormancy. I think of Thoreau and his expression of nature on paper. No more beautiful picture could be painted than through his words. It is as though one could be standing in their midst experiencing every jot and tittle while lost in the aroma of earth and the majestic perception of life invisible to the naked eye.

As my gaze raises higher I partake of mountain grandeur. The sun is just right to catch the highest peaks with their snow cover reminding one of marshmallow white drizzled on chocolate. Billowy clouds hover hinting of a possible winter storm. I close my eyes in reverence to experience this man-made habitat nestled in God made wonder. What a testament to the intertwining of both.

Nature is a blueprint of sorts as all life forms mirror something of our own nature. There is a rhythm, here, of calm and peace and in that calm one touches the essence of life itself. In nature, there is a perfect cadence of give and take. Animals live it, why don’t we? There is an interdependence between all expressions of God’s creation from the rising of the sun to the setting of the moon. This earth is our Eden. I feel it here through the moving away from chaos to the stability of being anchored to earth and heaven at the same time. The gift of this moment, in this place, brings this sojourner closer and closer to home. A homecoming of the perfect balance between manmade and God made to the end point of just knowing that the whole of it all is the One behind it all.

Surrender is the pure joy of feeling the power, beneath our frailty, forcing us ever forward on uncharted paths.

Surrender is seeing the hand of God, within the tapestry, beyond the window pane.

Surrender is seeing the sunrise within our own soul. It is feeling its warmth even when storm clouds hover.

Surrender allows us to be all things at once. Have you ever closed your eyes and became as the bird in flight or the earthworm crawling. Have you ever penetrated the earth of your being, like a mole-blind, yet sensing everything?

Surrender gives us a new perspective for it allows us to ‘be’ beyond our own skins.

Surrender allows us to live ageless in an aging world.

Surrender, for me, happens as I lend myself to author words from beyond myself. It is an unfolding love story between my soul and God. It is allowing for soul whispers to overshadow ego desire.

Surrender allows us to experience the world from the inside out.

In our moments of surrender, we live as God made souls in harmony rather than manmade egos in utter chaos.

Surrender is experiencing every thread in the fabric of life.

Surrender allows us to see real behind the façade.

Surrender allows for the meshing of past, present, and future into the forever now, the only true moment that exists.

Surrender allows us to go back into the valley because we carry within our memory each moment of rapture that connected us to truth.

In our moments, of surrender, we see the face of God through our own reflection. We experience, in that moment of communion, a sense of coming home.

In our moments of surrender, we are mystery’s ultimate answer. That being we can study, read the words of others, sit in seminars, and utilize life training tools but the end result is personal, for our awakening is dependent on experiencing our relationship with God.

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