My Dear Tammy Lou

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My Dear Tammy Lou,

It is your turn to move ahead so place your foot onto the path into the next chapter of your life.


It is easy but it takes faith, hope, and trust. Step off the cliff of what was into the promise of what is. My dear Tammy Lou, you are the barrier. Let go and believe.

I am afraid if I let go of what was you won’t be part of the now.

My dear wife when you let go I am even more present. Love is like that. It is free and unconditional. It is eternal. Remember with God all things are possible for those who believe (Matthew 19;26) Let this be your mantra. Let go of your fear and start to build upon your dream, our dream. Gather all that you have ever written about, the blueprints we created, the business plan and so forth for the Wheel of Hope for that is your heart. God gave you a vision. Don’t waste it. You have the support of the heavens. You can move mountains. Just believe.

Hope is a creation of all that has been transformed.

Hope is a legacy to all who have been a part of its foundation from every rite of passage that tendered your heart. It is the life blood of family and friends who have loved you along the way.

Hope is the intangible of Gods heart made tangible through life experiences.

Give thanks for every milestone along the way and let every tear you never flowed be the baptism of your soul

My Tammy Lou, I am with you eternally as I hold you and cheer you on from this side of the veil. I am of your heart eternal and flow through the whispers on the very breath of God.

Thank you Bob for these whispers. Thank you God for opening the eyes and ears of my heart to see and hear them. The tears I have held onto fiercely since my brother passed, the tears I have held back from missing you, the tears I hold back because of moving into poor me as I ask why are things the way they are, etc. are free flowing in this moment. This baptism, through spirit, is of pure grace. I welcome the journey whether it be in the caverns, through the valley of tears, or hanging on the precipice of things I don’t yet understand for it is carving my soul and bringing me home. It is of joy knowing that love never dies.

4 thoughts on “My Dear Tammy Lou

  1. Kim says:

    Tammy Lou
    Wow,Soul Whispers is amazing.
    Trust,keep moving forward, the next chapter,continue doing what you are doing. I will always be there to help.
    I love you. Kim


  2. Tammy Fredericks says:

    Thank you Kim. I have been in a funk for awhile where writing is concerned or allowing my feelings to come to the fore especially with the totally unexpected illness and passing of my brother. Whatever it was lifted today. A kind of setting free and your dad, through soul whispers, was the key. Thank you for the gift of your heart you have shared on this journey. I think we are helping to walk each other home and I think your dad is holding us as we do. I love you. I love who you are.


  3. Me says:

    Learn to be in the very moment clear your mind, don’t become to attached (that’s when they leave) forgive your self, Love who you r, smile, You may change someone’s day and thats when things change remember embrace now because that is what is happening. So what I am saying things have already changed for u. Your a beautiful person! ❤️


    1. cloud2225 says:

      Thank you Kecia for the thoughtful remarks. It is good to be in the now because we often live backward or forward. What I realized through this writing, that came through upon awakening yesterday, is I had been stagnant and it was obvious to me through my writing or non writing. Yesterday was a milestone. The barrier came down and the writing was raw and uplifting. The tears come from my toes up. I love soul whispers. They are now and they allow one to feel the truth of the moment like I feel joy, pain, sorrow, connected, disconnected, etc. I had blocked those feelings especially with my brothers passing. It hurt and I wanted to run from it. Yesterdays Soul Whisper brought me home. I love the communion between your father’s soul and mine. I share the raw of this journey, as you said above, for the whispers counsel my soul and they just may make a difference to someone else along the way. Love you.


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