Joy and Sorrow Co-Exist




I am not falling apart. I am falling together as all of me, both visible and invisible, becomes congruent.

All cells, all atoms, in that moment communicate through sacred coherence the healing of self, the healing of the world. The butterfly effect so to speak. When we move the wings of our hearts we move the heart of the world.

Good morning, Father.

We are in the Christmas season; The celebration time of the birth of Jesus, your son, our brother, who came to show human beings who you are, who we are, and to whom we belong. We are so wholly, holy, soul connected for the true essence of our being is you, our created in your image selves.

I close my eyes.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Let go and ride the wave of your eternal self. What do you feel?

I feel my body becoming lighter as it begins to vibrate in unison with the pulse within the pulse of my true being.

It feels that I am scanning the invisible horizon unseen by my human eyes. My spirit leaps to the fore, a pilgrim of the unknown, known, toward that which has awaited my awakening, my rebirth from form to spirit right here in the material world. I hear a hallelujah, amen.

I feel the darkness of illusion regurgitating itself as if turned inside out being drawn into the light.

I continue to scan the invisible horizon. I feel my conscious mind trying to take control as I search for the wormhole between here and there. The tunnel. I am looking for the light, the Christ light of my baptismal homecoming. My soul takes flight as my feet hold firmly to the ground. I feel my earthly and my divine self-merge. The electrical charge lands a deathblow as the charred remains of my illusory self-falls into an ash heap giving way to higher consciousness.

I see a figure emerging as I hear a voice from somewhere saying, “I want him.” I then hear my answer. He is not mine to give. I at once understand that we cannot give Christ to one other person for how can our finite being give that which is of Holy origin.

We each must trek our own soul terrain. What we lose along the way, in the end, becomes our crowning glory. As I reflect upon the road less traveled I realize that each challenge transformed became our journey of joy.

Joy and Journey1

5 thoughts on “Joy and Sorrow Co-Exist

    1. cloud2225 says:

      and the amazing thing is I don’t know where it will take me in any given moment, day or whatever. I love that. I feel as though I am a student of the writings that make there way on to paper. It is like an inner counselor is at work polishing the tarnish away as I go. It is a blessing.


    2. cloud2225 says:

      My beautiful Dawn it has been an amazing journey. There are no words to express the feelings I have for the lifetime journey we have shared. You hold me when I can’t hold myself. You cry with me, you laugh with me, and if I can stop talking long enough you are silent with me. There is a powerful, tensile, strength that is a mother/daughter bond. I love you with my whole heart.


  1. Kimberly Hohenstein says:

    Love this Tammy.
    Yes we have our own journey. What a gift to have time, to connect,with what we can not see. The gift you have Tammy is you know what the spirit knows, the spirit shows truth:)


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