It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas

Love eternal

I entered the Silent Sanctuary of my Sacred Heart shortly after I woke up this morning. The words to It’s Christmas were taking form so I caught them on paper. I share, in memory, all who have helped shape my life. I honor mother and dad for giving us life, grandpa and grandma Widner who opened their hearts and home to us after mother died. I honor aunts and uncles, Judy, my friend, Bill, the father of Dawn, Craig, and Jason, whom I shared my early adult life with, The love of my youth. I honor my beloved younger brother. Terry for his humility, humor, love of God and love of family. I honor his gift of music…and then there is Bob, my soul mate who strengthened me, who walked with me through the highs and lows and just loved me for who I was in the moments. I honor the laughter, the tears, the growing pains that grew our souls through forever love……and so it is, the circle of life. I am so grateful

It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas and memories abound.

Sometimes through laughter. Sometimes through tears.

A reminder of life’s fullness lived through the years.

A journey of love their gift is clear.

Don’t resist, run away or hide from emotions that arise.

Welcome them for in order to heal we have to feel.

A testament of love

This journey of grief

Trek on in gratitude knowing love never dies.

It is the eternal spring within our hearts connected through the veil.

Christmas nativity

2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas

  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful Tammy, the love stays and cherished memories live on in infinite love. Bless you and your beautiful life. Bless your precious heart. Merry Christmas! I love you.


    1. cloud2225 says:

      Debbie thank you for the soul mirror you hold before. Your pure heart, your support, and your love. Isn’t it amazing through all the years we have known each other we have never met. One of these days you, Dawn, and I will be holding each other in person. I am filled with joy and blessing from the journey we have trekked, heart to heart


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