My Soul Giggles

Soul Giggles2

Dear Bob,

I sit here, on our bed, looking at your picture thinking all that ever was, still is. Our soul touch is eternal. The only difference is you are no longer present in your body and you know the truth, I miss that. However, when I close my eyes I see you. Your light-filled eyes and that amazing smile are forever alive in my heart.

I hear you through soul whispers. I felt a shiver with that thought.  I know you are here and I am asking, as always, what would you say to me? Are you surprised I am still in our home? Are you surprised I had the courage and fortitude to stay here all by myself? It has been an awakening of sorts. The song, “Getting to Know You” just passed through my thoughts. I, in this haven, am getting to know me. My faith has deepened.

Some of the things that kept us going through the tough times was faith coupled with hope and the ability to dream. I want to create a legacy for our dreams. A simple healing place. I am closing my eyes and entering into the gap between here and there. I will meet you there.

My dear Tammy Lou.

Where I am there is no time. There is no age. My spirit holds all that I have ever been and all whom I have loved during my earth walk. Where I am is of the purest of love. There is no hate, no judgments, war cries, and so forth. There is no ego here. You see man creates those things on earth. It is not holy to think or do harm. It is not holy to watch others suffer because of our arrogance or fear.

So, Bob, what does this mean for me?

Well, Tammy Lou, do what you always told me to do. Live from your heart. Rise above labels and make decisions from your sense of knowing. Pray for victim and perpetrator as well. Rise above the fray. If you could see the world, at this moment, the way I do you would cradle it like a fretful baby.

We were given the gift of life with the intent to shepherd one another and the earth. Our differences are part of the hue of the rainbow. Our differences were designed to give us strength.

On earth I watched you wrestle with the devil in order to shed your ego illusions. From where I am I am watching the rebirth of the innocence of your God-self, exuberant and all-encompassing. My dear, you are not a healer of physical maladies, you are a healer of broken hearts and fractured souls. Remember, God is beyond ‘belief’.

I love you, Bob. Thank you for helping me to see my reflection and that of the world through ‘inner sight’ as we join in the sacred heart of our spirits joined. My soul giggles.

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