Flatirons in the Fog

Flatirons in the fog

I remember the days when the Flatirons were enshrouded in fog and you could barely see them hidden behind low clouds, or snow falling really hard.  The power and strength of them prevailed because you always knew they were there whether you could see them or not.  Sometimes it feels to me that life is like that.  The power of who we are is sometimes hidden behind the illusions of everyday stuff that keeps us from our true power source.

I believe allot of the fog is a consciousness that buys into the chaos and hate that is trying to bring us into submission to the empty rule of man.  I believe our hearts and souls in concert, through harmony and love, is the only way to melt away the “fog” so to speak. It is a challenge for the very life of our nation, the world, the earth.  The bombardment of noise is there to keep us from touching into our own hearts.  It is designed to keep us confused and to bring about angst and emotionalism.  The fight or flight syndrome. Seeing the picture above reminds me of the steadfast power that is eternally there.  Regardless of the path we take in our lives, regardless of the detours, that power is always there.  All we need to do is plug into it.  If we all do it at once we will short circuit the illusion, the darkness, and bring it into the light for we are calling the healing love of Christ into the fray.  We will truly melt away the fog…

We, being of Christ’s love, are truly the change we have been waiting for.

I believe every day is an empowerment day. The choice is ours for as we know ‘freewill choice’ is a gift from God.  It is the dark side of man that is trying to imprison us.  All we have to do is read the wilderness story of Jesus.  The same temptations from the cunning one are rampant and loud today.  Good and loving people are being fooled into doing his handy work for they are blinded by the ‘noise’ of illusions


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