Safe In the Shepherds Arms

Jesus and the Lamb

The Lord is my shepherd.

He has guided me through the green meadows of my loftier self.
He has carried me through the storms of my discontent.
He has soothed my soul when I am weighted down with fear, doubt, anger, hopelessness,
selfishness, worry, and woeful choices to name a few.
He listens. He hears the inaudible cries from the deep of me that are beyond form or words.
He leads me out of the darkness into the fullness of heavenly light.
Yea though I walk through the shadows I fear no evil. I am comforted for in stillness I feel the presence of the anointed one
In stillness I feel heaven on earth, all around
I lie down beside the still waters.
I feel the waters washing away all illusions, home to the real of me.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

Now you know what it means to Let Go.
To let go with the faith of a mustard seed that the divine in your heart will guide the way .

Even if you are the only one in a room, or in the wilderness, in the desert, or on a mountain top you are never alone.

You are a beloved child of God held safe in the arms of the shepherd.


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