A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth

Jesus and the Lamb

Dear God,

Help me to see who I truly am. Sometimes it feels like I am on a precipice holding on for dear life while trying to control the outcome.

Relax into the arms of the Shepherd as you enter the sacred sanctuary of your heart.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let Go!

Be still and listen.

And the Shepherd said… Trust me. The breath of God will hold you buoyant. As you let go you will see and feel the ‘real’ of who you are and the ‘real’ of this world he created. Stop resisting.

Allow God’s breath to breathe you. With your heavenly Father and me you will walk on the water of your fears, to overcome, instead of drowning in them. You will be healed through the light and as you float the breath of God feel the peace beyond understanding.

In the next moment, as I looked out upon a wide expanse of open fields, I saw Bob. He was walking toward me and as he got close he put his arms around me. He was joined by mother and dad, grandpa and grandma Widner, grandpa and grandma Peterson, Bill, Harold and Louise, aunts and uncles, Douglas and others. He then said, “you are never alone… We are here for you. Be who you are. The world needs you. Trust that”.

Thank you, God for this glimpse of heaven on earth.


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