The Dance of Life… Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Dove and heart

Let go. Step out and away from your need to control. Step into the heart of grace.

Lord, I can’t change what has been but I can be more fully in the moment if I pay attention.

Why can’t I move past the barrier? I am right up against it. I feel the heaviness of it as I feel deep tears. The kind that is soul cleansing.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Enter into the sanctuary of silence where you can hear God’s answers for that which you ask. In the next breath, the following issued forth.

You, my child, fill your moments with thoughts of woe. Remember the words you spoke when you moved to where you are. “I will not go back or move home until I can stand on my own two feet. Those words were punctuated by “I will not go home until I am not flawed.” Change that paradigm. Your so called flaws carved your earthly character. They helped shed the layers back to me. Your judgments on yourself were so much harsher than anyone else could lay upon you.

 As long as you try to control situations you keep others and yourself bound in what sometimes feels like the stagnant waters of hell. Let it rain. Let the healing, the cleansing, begin. Feel the salt tears rolling down your cheeks. Deep tears from the reservoir of your being.

Feel the loving hand of Christ on your brow. Relax into his arms as he leans you back into the living waters of this re-birth. Trust him to hold you steady and safe. Feel the buoyancy. Doesn’t it feel as if you were flying?

Remember, you are my child. You are the embodiment of me housed in skin and bone. Your healing, your peace comes through that remembrance. I placed the seed of love in your heart. I have said over and over again, “Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and you shall find.” Release the tendrils of earthly illusions. Remain steadfast in your faith. Relax into the holy baptism of your renewal as you shine the light of my sweet grace.

Thank you, Father, and thank you, Jesus, for the light, the love, you shine through my heart.


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