The Joy of Awakening


Wow! The Joy of the Journey Is…Walking My Talk

Father, the joy of the journey is you have always had my back. You have loved my imperfectly perfect being as I trekked from my head, my ego, to my heart.

I have talked about you.  I have read the bible, and I have wept for Jesus in my lifetime. I prayed to you who I thought was out in the vast expanse of sky beyond sky.  I as a child on forward always wondered how I could touch the garment that healed the woman in days of old. Impossible I thought. Little did I know it was His love she touched and that love is always near.

My heart finally broke wide open and when it did you were no longer out there beyond my reach. As my ego was dethroned I came home to my heart.  Wow! I feel you through Christ and the Holy Spirit who abide there.  In those first moments, I felt a baptism of love I had only felt snippets of before.  I came to embrace the sacred sanctuary of my heart.

Part of the joy of the journey is to feel it.  To be immersed in the moment.  I have not been so good at that but I am awakening more and more, even, at seventy-three. I am in gratitude for the journey that is bringing me home.


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