Surrender is a Circle Journey

Blue skies

I awake to see blue skies breaking through the clouds and the ground covered by new snow. This time of being at home has been a luxury as it has allowed time to just be.  It has allowed time to daydream.  I close my eyes into reverie.  I am anywhere and everywhere at once.  I am the dream become real as I realize in order for life’s symphony to be complete I must be a participant.  There are times when reverie and real meld and one questions which is which?  The spiral journey opens one up to another world of interdependence where the difference between God-made and man-made blasts through.

Surrender elevates us, through our humanity, to ask the right questions.

Surrender allows us to remember we are God made through the union of man and woman.

Surrender allows us to make choices as to the type of world we want to live in.

As the spiral journey continues I close my eyes to witness starburst heavens and beyond.  I see heavenly bodies whose only light is a reflection of the sun and I think to myself, how dark are we without the reflection of the Son, the Christ light that sparks our own.  With my eyes closed I venture to the far reaches of the earth on to the infinity of space, within and without.

Surrender allows us to enter mystery with no preconceptions.  It allows us to experience the moment, only.

Surrender allows us to feel truth and to have a sense of knowing beyond the spoken word.

Surrender is a circle journey.  It is neither up or down, nor side to side.  It is a journey that expands us in spiral motion.

Surrender is a moment of silence and sound.  It is breath and no breath, life and death.  It is a moment of union within and without.

Surrender allows us to jump from the precipice of our thoughts into the safe keeping of the all-knowing heart of God.

Surrender allows us to see God, that’s all.  It allows us to interpret His story, through a filter, either that of our ego or that of the ‘Light of the world’.

Surrender allows us a flash moment to be totally human and totally divine.  In that moment there is no segregation, no separatism.  In that moment we feel a terrible sadness, of heart breaking proportions, for we see how man has hidden God beneath a barrel, labeled Him, and used His name in vain, and for gain.  We make Him human and small.

Surrender allows us to see God as total balance. God is neither masculine nor feminine, firmament nor sky.  God is everything complete.  How could the Holy Breath of our creation be anything less than all.  Earth and sky, water and air, every color there is, spirit and evolution of matter through such.  God is either everything or nothing.  It can’t be both ways for God can’t be bits and pieces.  God is either real or not real.  Religion gives us the tools to journey into our souls.  In our moment of surrender, when our eyes are closed in silence and our mind is dead still, we know truth.  Christ was no religion, He was and is our gift to light the way home.  He was God purely in human form.  In our moment of surrender, we realize that we, and He, and God are one.

Surrender opens our eyes to realize when the spark of God re-ignites in our hearts we are truly His living temple.  We are in that moment pure love, pure peace.  We are without country or boundaries.  We see that earth and sky belong to no one.  They belong to everyone, united.

The spiral journey allows us to look at differences.  It allows us to ask hard questions like what brings one to strap on explosives to blow themselves and others up?  What drives a person to lose themselves in alcohol or drugs?  What drives a person to abuse a child or to rape, pillage, and plunder?  What drives a person to kill another and what drives a nation to wage war?  Are these atrocities of God or man?  In our moment of surrender, the truth comes to light.  In that moment God’s tears rain in our hearts.  In that moment we feel the terrible pain of a merciful heart.  The heart of a Father whose love is unconditional as His gift to us was free will.  There are many who look upon Him with scorn or worse yet, they do not acknowledge Him at all.  Our choices change us, but God remains constant.

Surrender allows us to see answers, clearly.  How can God be both the author of unconditional love and the author of anti-life atrocities?  Sometimes questions are the answer.

Surrender brings us to our knees in silence where we know God beyond words and our heart rains tears for the joyful possibility of grace in life and the excruciating pain felt as a result of anti-life words and deeds.

Surrender shows us we cannot be full of ourselves and God at the same time.

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