Waking Up with God: A Beacon of Light


Good morning Father.
Good morning my child.

Before I rise for the day, Father, I need to spend time with you.

Close your eyes dear child. Be still and take a deep breath. Move into the sanctuary of your heart where I abide. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

Father, what is this. I feel my journey of doing moving into that of being. I feel the heaviness lifting. I feel the shedding of layers of corporeal beliefs. I feel the light.

My life journey has brought me to my knees many times. The hard knocks have tempered my soul.

I remember the day when the light shined through the darkness. It broke my heart open as I beckoned Christ to come in. In that moment, I knew I was forever loved, forever love. My ego, shattered, lost its dominion, its control.

I can still hear a voice in the wilderness of my despair saying, “I see the things to love within you that you cannot see as you move through that tunnel, that birth canal, of hope and pain toward the light.

I now know the light at the end of the end tunnel was me re-birthed through grace in a baptismal filled with all my tears. Christ held me and leaned me back into submersion bringing me home to my eternal self.

I Am a beacon reflecting the heart of God in this world for I Am a Lightworker.


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