A Shift From Earth Crawler to Sky Hawk



Yesterday I screamed HELP and the answers flowed from the generous heart of my daughter in the form of Awakening to Your Life Purpose.  This morning all that is familiar, as I look upon the landscape, is covered in white.  The intricate beauty of each snowflake combined lends themselves as a gift to earth and soul.  In a moment, I was brought to the sense of nurturing and cleansing as the snow was not yet dirtied by illusions and I felt the I Am of me not separate but rather joined with all.I Am the least and the most.

I Am the lover and the beloved.

I Am day and night, darkness, and light.

I Am of God a part, therefore a part of everything.

I, in humility and joy, sing in harmony with all that is in a concert of heavenly proportion. My heartbeat is the pulse of heaven on earth. I see it and feel it through the gift of grace.

This morning, in that moment, I shifted from earth crawler to sky hawk, from earth crawler to winged flight.  I felt the earth of my humanness merge with the heaven of my divinity. I was being born anew through this holy glimpse. I will move forward the same, yet different.

I will no longer be the words on a Holy page but rather the embodiment or ‘The Word’ as its personification.

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