Soul Whispers A Breath of Life


From Soul Shifts, by  Dr. Barbara De Angelis I read:  The hardest part of the journey is you woke up.  The rest is just remembering what you forgot.  Once the soul awakens the search you can never go back.

Then I started thinking about a name for a website and the following came to mind:

Soul Whispers Truth Bearer

Soul Whispers God’s Breath

Soul Whispers Inner Counselor

Then I decided to go into the Sacred Sanctuary of Silence

I prayed.

Father, I feel it. Is it a wall of self-sabotage blocking the flow?  Help me define Soul Whispers that gift that is between you and me.

A gift I can’t make happen through mental gymnastics.

A gift that expands my consciousness.  A gift that is not of this world but is for this world.

A gift that is beyond dictionary meaning.

A gift of breath that wafts into my being not through auditory mechanisms but through my heart.

Soul Whispers are a conduit between heaven and earth.

They are life giving.

They are healing.

They are bearers of pure truth unique to the expression of our autonomy while fulfilling our place in the mosaic of life.

From there came the thought…Breath of Life.   Soul Whispers A Breath of Life.

I then prayed a prayer of thanksgiving.

Father, thank you for allowing me to serve through the heart of Soul Whispers.

Soul Whispers have helped and continue to help me shed the blocks that have kept me imprisoned in mediocrity.

Then I once again entered the Sacred Sanctuary of Silence while taking a deep breath to relax and to be still and listen.

I first heard they will be nothing. Who are they?

And then I heard first there is God, the creator, the great I Am.  That I Am essence that is loved, denied, or feared.

God said I Am the breath of life.

When a person or a nation denies who I Am or follows their own smallness and false grandiosity we all fall from grace.

When a person or nation makes Me into their own image we all fall from grace.

When the ego rules and creates separation, hate, violence, and so forth, we all fall from grace as the earth is plundered.

“Thank you, God, for answering the question of who ‘they’ are. They can be any one person or a nation or the world!

My dear child there is a multitude of souls, on either side of the veil, holding the light and such love for the masses.  Soul Whispers are of that light, a healing Breath of Life.



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