Eternal Grace

Saving Grace

Father, I feel the tempering of my soul being revealed with more clarity.

I feel a sadness, a frustration, with him and with myself.  I don’t want to be angry and uptight.  Help me to release myself from feeling responsible for choices another makes.

I heard the whispers say, “you (meaning me) can suffocate another by holding such tight reigns.  Where is your faith?  How can he be responsible for his own actions when you try to control everything?  You, who cannot change one hair on his head nor change his destiny.  That is between him and God.

 You can empower him more in silence than through words that seem empty.  Pray with love.  Send healing energy deep into the core of his being.  Call forth the hosts of heaven to light your way in the darkness and his as well,”

I just saw myself, a little girl sitting in the midst of nature surrounded by this magnificent golden light. Sweet, gentle, trusting while remembering who and whose I am.

When did it change?

How can I be God’s light right where I am?

How can I love what seems unlovable?

How did Jesus do it?  He suffered and died that we might live. He did not try to force the outcome that He wanted because He knew the only way home was through free will choice.  He knew that when we loosen our hold on earthly things we would emerge once more into the light of our innocence.  We would just simply let go and let God.

Father, in this moment, I asked to be set free of my self-imposed demons of fear, control, and so on.   I pray to love as I am loved not from a place of smallness but rather from that which is eternal.  I pray to be unfettered by worldly folly.  I pray to be non-judgmental, trusting and life-giving through the knowing that I am, of the golden light of your eternal grace, homeward bound.


2 thoughts on “Eternal Grace

  1. cloud2225 says:

    It is amazing how we are given the things we need in the moment if we pay attention. It is amazing how like spirits come together to hold and grow together on the path before us. Thank you for sharing. I love you, too.


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