Deep weep

Deep Weep

Deep weep is a kind of grief that is connected to the earth and the wounds she has had and continues to endure.

Deep weep is connected to a chaotic rhythm of loss.

We stand on the abyss of communal suffrage and I question how we cannot speak out when we understand that it is through the light of our hearts that soul darkness will be dissolved.

Deep weep is a response to a vibration of souls combined in gnashing and tearing, divisive in nature, and filled with a kind of vitriol.

Deep weep responds to a vibration that pulls on us in the wilderness of our own temptations to join the ego force of human nature.

Deep weep comes through the storm before the calm.

Deep weep mirrors density that tries to hold us captive in disparity.

Deep weep is a kind of divine intervention to lift us into our holy senses.

Deep weep is like the wick on the candle longing to be relit by our renewal.

Deep weep has taken us into the bowels of the earth, through the fire of hell and delivered us pure and whole back to our Agape selves’ ready to be light activators of  Godly proportion.

Through deep weep we reconnected to our sacred selves. We now know our divine truth as the Holy Trinity courses the depth and breadth of our being.

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