The Darker Side of the Light

Light in the darkness


As I rested in the silence of soul the blinders came off.  I moved from the darker side of the light into the pure brilliance of God’s light.  I, for a moment, understood the healing light of Christ as I welcomed Him into and from my heart.  I felt the laying on of hands of all the hosts of heaven while being reflected as the spirit of who I am.  My soul sighed and giggled all at once as I cavorted the heavens untethered.  I was plucked free of the darker side of the light of me.

I saw the brilliance of God’s light encompassing pure love for all creation.

God does not behold life the same as we do.

God is not petty and judgmental.

God loves every hue of his creation.  It is as if different skin colors comprise a heavenly bouquet.

God’s truth makes the dalliances of man look as rusted metal lying at the bottom of the sea.

God’s heart hears the different voices of worship with joy as they vibrate the heavens like a harmonic symphony.

God also hears the voices of those issuing forth from the darker side of the light that holds man and woman captive while they dominate with thoughts birthed out of greed and hateful, anti-Christ, rhetoric.  We are so easily led towards the cliff of our own demise by these voices.  The sad thing is we are vulnerable to become that which desecrates the pure light of God’s truth as we become an appendage for the darker side of the light.  When we follow the cunning nature of the fallen one through the directive of the frailties of man utilizing man-made institutions we, ourselves, become the darker side of the light and our “love” is as tinsel in heaven.

The only choice, in God’s world, is do we follow the fleeting frailties of man or do we choose the grace of God’s eternal truth?

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