A Seed of Heaven

jesus holding the world


Life is just a chance to grow a soul.  (A. Powell Davies)

I was reading “Dancing in the Arms of Your Dreams” and Seeing with the Eyes of Faith” before I closed my eyes into silence.  As I settled into to being still and listening I saw a vision of hands holding the earth and I felt the need for the whole Earth to be bathed in light from within, without, and back again.  I saw  I felt a truth that this is the only way humanity will win.  Anger and violence won’t do it.  Killing one another won’t do it whether through war or individual atrocities forced upon one another.  We must find peace within in order to experience peace without.  As a light worker, a warrior for peace this is the only way.

We must gather in the ether and join the Holies in holding the light for all for rather than condemning the world we must love the world back to God’s first intent.

 We must hold the light for those who move in darkness.

We must pray unceasingly for an implosion within rather than an explosion without.

We must pray unceasingly for individual awakenings for it is the only way to heal our demons.

 The force of darkness depends on our giving away our power unto the finite frailties of man where goodness gives way to self-satisfaction. For some the more they get the more they want. Purely and simply said, they, we, all of us have a propensity to live our lives sitting on the fence between God and between things of the world. 

We give our power to elected officials and don’t pay attention.

We give our souls to a belief system and shut the door on other possibilities.

We stand on the battlefield to challenge, unto death, those whom we are told threaten our systems.

Questions keep coming to mind.

When is more, less and when is less, more?

When did we become puppets?

When did we become “mass-minded”?

When did we become parasites sucking the life out of one another, our beloved earth mother, and our very life-giving atmosphere?

When did we lose sight of our sacredness?

When did the material world become more important that the essence of spirit, our true being?

When did the scales tip?  The answer is as simple as when we, humans, decided we were more powerful than God as we manipulated people to their knees in servitude to the God we deemed best fit our interpretation.  Millions have fallen on the battlefield of clashing interpretations.

In silence, I hear the creaking and groaning of a world gone mad.  I hear gnashing and tearing at the very fabric of our being with the embattled cry, what to do, what to do?  The soul whispers well up to consciousness. 

Be in the world from the center of pure truth.  Sever your allegiance to the few or the masses that trounce on the sacred ground of all that is. 

Be still and listen for within you resides the power to shatter all man-made illusions. It is:

A power more awesome and powerful than bombs and guns

A power that unites rather than being divisive

A power that instantly seals the wound of a bleeding soul

A power so meek it will change the world

A power so luminous it allows us to see ourselves in the mirror of every other human being with the remembrance that God created all in His image.

Within our skin of many colors, behind the shield of bone, the seed of heaven is pulsating, awaiting our awakening, our rebirth back to being real.  Our lives depend upon it. 

August 13, 2007

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