Following the Whispers: Foreshadowings

I have been writing for at over thirty-five years starting with journaling and morphing into Soul Whispers.  I never proclaimed to be a writer. But journaling was a way to soothe my soul.  Whispers came to me unannounced as I came to awake in the early morning hours. I grabbed a pen and paper and caught the words. Thus Soul Whispers was born. I cannot take credit for most of the writings. I feel more like a stenographer and I am thankful.

I usually have quiet time before falling asleep in which I have conversations with God. I ask for help to not fall prey to darkness, to be given eyes to see the truth in its midst. It is such a painful time.  It is like ‘Heavens Mirror’ is reflecting our own souls.

I awoke one morning last week with one word reverberating in the fog of not yet being fully awake. The word was Ezekiel. That was so strange to me as that is one book in the bible I don’t remember knowing much about. Of course being who I am I had to search it out so I grabbed my bible and this is what it opened to:


Ezekiel 34 is the chapter wherein God denounces the leaders of Israel as false shepherds for their poor care of His people. Instead of caring for the sheep of Israel, they cared for themselves. They ate well, were well-clothed and well-cared for by the very people they had been placed over (Ezekiel 34:1-3). By contrast, Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep and who protects them from the wolves who would destroy the flock (John 10:11-12). Verse 4 of chapter 34 describes people whom the shepherds failed to minister to as weak, sick, injured and lost. Jesus is the Great Physician who heals our spiritual wounds (Isaiah 53:5) by His death on the cross. He is the one who seeks and saves that which is lost (Luke 19:10).

I am not ‘religious’ but I am a follower of the light and love of Christ that abides in my heart. As I read the above foreshadowings I could see clearly the power, the answer to my foreboding. It came through one word whispered to my soul.  Ezekiel.

I am thankful.


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