More than a word

I awoke yesterday morning with the thought, “I Am More Than a Word,” rolling around in my head or maybe it was in my heart.  So with that, I did what I usually do.  I grabbed my notebook and a pen and caught the thought as it presented itself, then I typed it, and now I am sharing. 

I don’t question the words as they come nor, do I change them.  I am sure they are an answer of sorts to the absolute sadness I feel when looking at the angst in our world today.  The violence, the divisiveness.  I truly believe we must listen to the still small voice within as the world is wreaking from the stench of everyday lies that keep us at each other’s throats.  It all feels of darkness and not that of the love, the joy, the peace, the mercy, the compassion, the hope that is of Christ.

Between heaven and earth

Between spirit and ego

I teeter

I Am More Than A Word

I am more than a word that is used to define me for I have learned that whatever earthly word may be used there is a polar opposite.

I have learned that we humans use the word love to describe things. It is often used conditionally to get what we want.

In heaven love just is.  It is unconditional and is about giving.

On earth, we say a person is a Protestant, Catholic, Jew, and so forth.

In heaven, God says we are His children.

On earth, in the America for instance, we call a person a republican, democrat, independent along with being a conservative, a liberal, a socialist, a communist and so on. We are defined by our skin color, our cultures.

In heaven, God calls us human beings.

On earth, we often judge a person by their tags, their affiliations.

In heaven, God judges us all by the intent of our hearts.

Do we love unconditionally?

Do we feel hate?

Are we fearful or are we of faith?

Do we feel merciful and compassionate or do we want to annihilate that which is different?

Are we arrogant or are we humble?

Are we ideologues who blow with the wind or are we servants of the everlasting truth?

How can we overcome hate with hate?  Annihilating that which we fear gets us nowhere in heaven.  Christ came to show us the way.  He hung on a cross that we might truly overcome our own sin.  Guns and bombs will not destroy the enemy for the enemy resides within.

I am of heaven housed in an earthly container.  When I am in harmony with God I am the sweet love song of a servant and a shepherd.

I have learned that the hate, the violence, the fear that hung Jesus on a cross backfired just as it will today.  Jesus overcame as he arose the Christ through whom I am more than a word.



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