Listen to the Silence

Silence healing

The last line in Living Softly is words by Herman Melville, “God’s one and only voice is silence.” As I was writing those words, in my notebook, a thought appeared:

The most wonderful playground we experience, in our life, is that of silence for in silence our innocence of being comes to the fore. It listens as it touches the inaudible with wonder and awe.

Then the following thoughts poured forth:

We, in silence, flow the very breath of God.

We with no mind thought know God.

In silence, there is no within or without.

Come from wherever you are. Pray and play in a world of all that is given.

Ask and you shall receive.

It is truly that simple.

Flow in peace the wonder of being.

Cavort the breath, the light ray, of God’s heart that is distinctly you.

Today I am,  as was true in all of my yesterdays and will be true in all of my tomorrows.

I am, at this moment, awakening into the holy gift of me.\and we.

In silence, within that gap between here and there, God is.

In that place, in that Eden Garden invisible to my earthly eyes, heaven exists.

In silence, the truths of all-knowing pour forth like water gushing from a waterspout after a rain.

I, eyes closed, gaze into and beyond that which is invisible to my earthly eyes.

I hear that which I cannot hear with my earthly ears and

I touch the true fabric of life, in this place, beyond earthly touch.

In silence, I stand firmly grounded on earth and in heaven simultaneously.

I am soul music, in silence, with God intertwined,

Wick and candle.

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