Dream Weaver

Dreams the whispers of your soul

Dream Weaving through Mystical Synthesis

We know when there is a power shift. It is like a zipper that glides open or when all the buttons pop off at once expanding us wide open, free.  It is like standing naked on a mountain top feeling the full force of the sun, or like swimming in a stream with our natural being comingling with all of nature.  In that awesome moment, we feel the earth and her textures within.  We feel the relationship of our self to the universe in a completely different way.

In a moment, we are totally in the gap where we experience God intimately.

In that moment, we feel our Christ spark ignited.

In that moment, we can experience honoring the divine in our physical container for all things are possible.

In that moment, we realize what a precious gift life is.

In that moment, we realize that Christ is our best friend.  He walks with us and He carries us.  He is the bridge from here to there, from smallness to infinity.  We must listen to our soul whispers and listen to our dreams for the mystical abides there.  The Dream Weaver helps to knit it all together, even the frayed ends. Remember this. God is not an interlude.  God is the whole of reality.


Words pertaining to the Dream Weaver and the analysis of dreams.

Weave:      To intertwine and combine elements into a complete whole.

Analysis:    Breaking down

Synthesis:  Pulling together

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