A Journey of Love

For Sharon

I stand at the edge of the gaping, my heart shattered, my being blessed.  I felt the enormity of this ‘Journey of Love’ as I stood in the light of generous being.  I thought of the thousands of miles that it took to get from there to here and back again.

Dare I leap into the gaping where love, beyond conscious comprehension, abides?

Dare I let go of the fear that joy and pain coexist in the depths of this gaping as they pierce the heart into breaking forth in cosmic proportions?

Dare I allow myself to be worthy of agape?

Dare I allow myself to peer into the very mystery this journey of love brought to the fore?

Dare I look upon such beauty pulsing through a sister’s heart?

Dare I take the leap of faith or will I shrink back once again?

Dare I face the haunting, so tender that fear losing my ‘self’

Dare I leap?

I already have in an unsuspecting moment of pure gratitude. I felt the miles, the sacrifice, the joy, the anticipation, and the gift as I gazed into the eyes of my sister’s soul.

Oh, that such a gift was given to heal the aching?

Oh that such a gift of presence baptized the lonely through a communion of reawakening.

In the simplest of terms, I felt humbled, vibrant, tearful, valuable, and loved as my sister mirrored that this ‘Journey of Love’ was worth it.

We, together, experienced a leap of faith into the gaping.



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